Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Group

We are a group of maritime archaeology trained divers who are undertaking research on Hong Kong's underwater heritage. As long-term residents of Hong Kong who treasure its unique culture and identity, we believe there is great historic value and benefit in the range of underwater sites and associated stories that can be passed on to our community. In this regard, we are fortunate to have gained the support of The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust, who have provided funding for our work.


RMS Queen Elizabeth in Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong), photo taken July 1972 by Barry Loigman, M.D.

This website is one of the outcomes of our project, and has been developed to provide a dynamic link on what sites and histories were found during the life of the project and beyond. It is also intended as means for soliciting information from the Hong Kong community on what they know about underwater sites, histories and folklores.

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Supported by The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust.





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