RMS Queen Elizabeth in Victoria Harbour (Hong Kong), photo taken July 1972 by Barry Loigman, M.D.


This website is one of the outcomes of our project, and has been developed to provide a dynamic link on what sites and histories were found during the life of the project and beyond. It is also intended as means for soliciting information from the Hong Kong community on what they know about underwater sites, histories and folklores.


A textual and spatial (GIS) database of shipwrecks and other underwater heritage sites has been developed and integrated into the website. This database will be updated as new sites and additional information is found, and members of the public will be encouraged to contribute information to it via a discussion forum.

Print materials

Some of the hardcopy outcomes include a technical report and a journal article such as that published in the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (IJNA)

A brochure has been produced and distributed to act as an ongoing tool to communicate with the Hong Kong community, including scuba divers, about the value and importance of underwater heritage sites and the need for their management and preservation.

A book aimed at providing more comprehensive information in an attractive form for the general Hong Kong community has also been compiled by the group and published.

It is anticipated that these outcomes will also be available for downloading from this website.