The Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Group is extremely grateful to the following for their help:


Diving professionals

  • Mr Chan Wai-kwong (Bunn's Divers Centre)
  • Ms Elizabeth Hung (Froggy Diver Company Ltd)
  • Mr Raymond Ma (Seafari Resort Ltd)
  • Mr Ricky Lee (Diving Instructor at Ko Lau Wan)
  • Mr Steve Chan (Pro-Dive (HK) USA Limited)

Field experts

  • Dr Liu Wen-suo from the Anthropology Department at Sun Yat-sen University, China
  • Dr Stephen Davies, Ms Catalina Chor and staff from the Hong Kong Maritime Museum
  • Mr William Meacham (Honorary Research Felllow at the Centre for Asian Studies, The University of Hong Kong)
  • Mr Zhang Wan Xing from the Maritime Silk Road Museum, Yanjiang, Guangdong Province, China


  • Ms Yung (Ko Lau Wan village)
  • Mr Chen (Ko Lau Wan village)
  • Mr Shek (Ko Lau Wan village)
  • Mr Ma (Kau Sai Chau village)
  • Mrs Ho (Tap Mun village)
  • Mr Yiu Lok-Lun (design artist)


  • Hong Kong Maritime Museum
  • ERM Foundation Hong Kong
  • The Centre for International Heritage Activities (CIE)