Tap Mun Stone Lion - 01/11/2009
Saturday, 20 February 2010 15:16

 On our last trip to Sham Chung / Tap Mun on 23/08/2009, Ricky, a passionate scuba diving instructor, told us about a stone lion which had been sighted in shallow water near Tap Mun. We asked him to take us there on a dive to have a look at the lion and find out more about it.


Luckily, within five minutes of the dive, we found the base of the stone lion sitting upright on the sandy seabed. After taking a few pictures of the base, we went on searching and, not too far away, we found a stone lion which had big head and skinny body.

Later, Ms Chan, a friend of Ricky’s, passed on some information she had heard about the lion from the village elders. She was also kind enough to arrange to introduce us to the village chief so that we could find out more about the lion on our next visit to Ko Lo Wan. For details of this field trip, see the Ko Lo Wan/Tap Mun News article.