We need your help

Locating sites

Although we will use the UKHO Wrecks database to initiate the Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Database (HKUHD), we know that there are many other smaller and perhaps older ships that were wrecked and do not appear on this database. We also have heard of cannons being found, and from our own diving, we know of a few areas of underwater scattered ceramics. There could also be old stone or wooden fishing traps still in existence or other types of man-made sites or structures, or significant material dumped at sea that we are not aware of. In many of these cases we don’t know where they are and we need help from the Hong Kong community in locating them. This will allow us to investigate them, place the information on the HKUHD and possibly conduct a more comprehensive survey.

Sharing histories and folklores

These sites, structures and artefacts will be associated with a story: about the loss of a vessel, or how a structure was used, or how it is associated with the cultural traditions and customs of a group of people from the past and/or now. The collection of these histories and folklores is just as important as the documentation of the sites, and we are therefore very keen to document this information — even if a site has not yet been found! Drawings and photographs of associated scenes, places, sites and people may also be available, and this would be a valuable addition to a repository on Hong Kong’s underwater heritage, so please contact us about anything you think we may be interested in, or simply enter a posting in the discussion forum.

If you would like to meet with the group or any of its members, either formally or informally, we would be happy to do this.

We will also respect your privacy and wishes in regard to where and how information is made available.

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