2016 NAS Part III Artefact Conservation & Documentation Course
Sunday, 08 May 2016 23:02

2016 NAS Part III Artefact Conservation & Documentation Course


Tutor: Paul Harrison (Professional Conserator), Dr. Mick Atha (HK Registered Archaeologist & Adjunt Assistant Professor), Kennis Yip (HK Registered Archaeologist)

Organizer: Rick Chan (HKUHG)

Venue: Hong Kong Maritime Museum



Paul share artefact conservation basic knowledge with participants.

Dr. Mick Atha share artefact documentation method, procedures and case studies with participants.

Ms. Kennis Yip teaching our participants artefact labelling and drawing technique.

Participants practice artefact labelling technique.

Participants practice artefact drawing technique.

Some of our participants' drawings.

Paul present special gift to our tutors after the course.