Letter to Editor, South China Morning Post - 08/06/2015
Monday, 08 June 2015 00:00

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Wan Chai shipwreck worth raising

The Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Group wishes to express its support for the conservation of the shipwreck located at Wan Chai ferry pier, which has been reported as possibly being HMS Tamar.

Very little is known about the underwater cultural heritage of Hong Kong, which may include prehistoric sites dating back 7,000 years, shipwrecks and other sites from the Tang dynasty, as well as traditional Chinese sites.

The shipwrecks in Victoria Harbour were cleared after the second world war and the finding of one of them, possibly the most significant shipwreck in the recent history of Hong Kong, HMS Tamar, should be cause to celebrate.

The conservation of the shipwreck would show, particularly to the local community, but also to the international community, that Hong Kong places great pride in its history and heritage.

Many countries around the world, with the support of the United Nations, are implementing programmes and projects that care for and promote the value of underwater cultural heritage.

Shipwrecks are just one part of our underwater cultural heritage and Unesco estimates there are about three million shipwrecks spread across the ocean floor, with the great majority not having been located.

Some that have been found and systematically studied have led to history being rewritten.

The Wan Chai shipwreck, if it is HMS Tamar, may reveal aspects of our history not found anywhere else.

We encourage all those connected to the investigation of the Wan Chai shipwreck to work toward conserving and displaying it for the benefit of the Hong Kong community.

Rick Chan Kei-yip, Hong Kong Underwater Heritage Group