Group Members

From Left to Right: Marco, Lydia, Peggy, Bill, Grace & Rick


Marco is a mechanical engineer by training, and works as a product manager in the APAC operation of a UK-based company handling their metrology product lines. Certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water diver since 2001, he is an active diver and enjoys travelling to exotic places, for both business and pleasure. Marco has completed a Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) Part III Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology, and is responsible for the GIS and database maintenance of the current project, including data compilation and technical support.

Lydia has spent most of her working life in sales administration and marketing communications in a metrology company. She finds peace of mind from the ocean, which provides a getaway from the hectic business world. Lydia obtained her PADI Advanced Open Water diver certificate many years ago, and fell in love with marine life - a little clown fish will make her giggle in the sea. She discovered a new area of interest after taking NAS courses offered by Bill, and has found that looking for traces of human history in the water can be fun. She is a strong believer of - we don’t know what we don’t know until you find out yourself. Lydia’s role in this project is to facilitate the development of the website and coordinate production of the brochure.

Peggy has been working in the cultural heritage field for over two decades, and has been responsible for numerous cultural heritage impact and marine archaeological impact assessments, built heritage conservation, historical buildings and features surveys, condition surveys, cultural tourism, terrestrial archaeological investigations and rescue excavations, as well as monitoring and coordinating marine archaeological investigations in Hong Kong. She is an experienced PADI Advanced Open Water diver who has logged hundreds of dives and has completed a NAS Part III Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology. Peggy leads the desktop research for the project, and provides professional archaeological advice.

Bill works as a maritime archaeologist consultant in Australia, Hong Kong, Micronesia and Southern Africa, where he implements research and manages projects with National and State government agencies. He also undertakes university teaching - and currently has a tenure with the University of Guam - as well as training programs in developing the capacity of countries in implementing underwater cultural heritage programs, and assesses regions and sites as part of the mitigation process associated with development projects. He is an Australian citizen but has been working in Hong Kong on and off for many years, and loves the city! Bill is very enthusiastic about this project - he supervises it, and hassles all the team members to make sure that progress is on the right track!

Grace is a publisher for an educational publishing company in Hong Kong. An avid reader and incurable nosey parker, she is drawn to books and stories of all kinds, which is how she became interested in maritime archaeology in the first place. Grace is a PADI Advanced Open Water diver who also has TDI certification for diving in Overhead Environments/Cavern Diving, and has completed a NAS Part III Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology. She is the team leader of this project and is responsible for the publication of the book.

Rick is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and certified as the Emergency First Response Instructor with 10+ years experience. He is also a PADI Certified Enriched Air Diver (2001) and PADI Specialty Cavern Diver (2001). Rick has obtained a NAS Part III Certificate in Foreshore and Underwater Archaeology and is the safety supervisor of the project. He is responsible for all the diving activities, including logistics, equipment safety and rental and, of course, diver safety.

Tammy is a travel agent/tour guide and dive instructor. Having pursued many different interests in her life, she found her passion in diving! She has been a super-keen PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor since 2002 and now works between dive teaching, dive trips and dive expeditions. Tammy was responsible for bringing the group together, many being personal friends and dive buddies with an interest in diving and underwater cultural heritage sites. She was also the driving force behind the successful Lord Wilson Heritage Trust grant application. She has developed a very keen interest in Hong Kong’s cultural and natural heritage and takes groups on walks around some of the city’s interesting sites.

Paul Harrison
Paul studied archaeological conservation and the related subject of archaeometallurgy at UCL Institute of Archaeology. He is British, and thinks he was the last colonial employed civil servant returning to Hong Kong to work for the Government museums as their metal conservator 1996-2003 when he set up Phoenixconservation. He has done surveys, given lectures, worked part time at the Maritime Museum, and worked on the probable HMS Tamar. Rusty ironwork is his favourite material, and he can dive too.